How to Join

To join, please visit our dojo, sign up for an application form, and pay enrollment fees during regular practice hours.

If you would like to see our practice before you join, please feel free to come and visit our dojo. No appointment is necessary! Our dojo door is always open for people to sit down and observe.

Waiver and Release & Health Insurance Requirement

Although Kendo is considered a safe martial art activity using protective gears, sometimes injury might happen due to a lack of enough warming up or stretching. To participate in our dojo activity, you must carry your primary health insurance. Also, we would ask you to sign our "WAIVER AND RELEASE" form.

Download waiver forms:

WLA Kendo Dojo Waiver

AUSKF Waiver

New Member Fees

See the breakdown below for the new member fee.

One-time Registration Fee: $30

Tuition (first 2 months): $80

AUSKF Annual Fee*: $70 (adult) / $40 (17 & under or full-time student)

SCKO Annual Fee: $35 (adult) / $25 (17 & under or full-time student)

Total: $215 (adult) / $175 (17 & under or full-time student)

* AUSKF Fee will be $10 lower from the following year

Family discount: if you join as a family, 2nd(more) person would get half price of monthly tuition($20 per month).

Membership Registration, Tuition, and Other Payments

Membership tuition is collected every two months, at the beginning of the first month. For example, January and February tuition is due at the beginning of January.

Payments can be provided in one of the following ways:

  • Electronic payment (preferred) - Dojo members now have the option to pay electronically. You must provide your name and payment note (example: "VHernandez JanFeb Tuition") in the note/memo section. Please see Dojo Electronic Payment Instructions for more information.

  • Check - Please make the check payable to "WLA Kendo Dojo". You must provide your name and payment note (example: "VHernandez JanFeb Tuition") in the note/memo section.

  • Cash (least preferred) - Please provide your payment in a sealed envelope. You must print your name and payment note (example: Vince Hernandez Jan/Feb Tuition) on an envelope

New Member Registration

Please complete the WLA New Member Form before joining the dojo.

Download registration form:

WLA New Member Form

New Member FAQ

I watched kendo practice at another dojo. Can I join immediately?

Every dojo practices differently, so we require those interested to observe before joining.

I am not vaccinated against Covid but will be soon -or- I am medically exempted from vaccination. Can I at least observe?

The dojo requires all who enter to be fully vaccinated.

I know someone who is interested in joining, but that person isn't fully vaccinated. What are the options for that person?

Due to the dojo's regulations, that person will not be able to join. However, if you are fully vaccinated, you may take photos or record videos from a distance. Please note this is NOT a substitute for that person observing a practice before joining.

Can I have a free trial lesson before joining?

Due to a number of factors, primarily insurance, we do not offer trial lessons.

Do you offer private lessons?

West LA Kendo Dojo is a non-profit organization led by sensei (teachers) on a voluntary basis. Therefore, we only offer classes at regularly scheduled times.

Can I buy a bogu (kendo armor), uniform, or a shinai (bamboo sword) so I can be ready for beginner classes?

Beginners should NOT buy these items prior to joining. Beginner students require our head instructor's approval to wear a uniform or bogu at practice. Shinai is sold at the dojo for $30. Shinai bought a while ago, without proper maintenance, become unsafe for use during practice.

Parents FAQ

My child is too young to be vaccinated or is medically exempt from vaccination. Can my child join or at least observe?

Due to current dojo requirements, all who observe or join must be fully vaccinated. This includes children.

What is the youngest age to join?

Kids between the ages of 5 to 7 are usually ready to join. The key factor is whether the child can follow basic instructions like moving left and right.

Are there classes for only kids?

All beginners, including kids, are taught separately from the sparring side. After transitioning to the sparring side, adults are instructed to either strike kids lightly or not at all.

After joining, my child may be unable to complete a full practice due to a condition. What are my options?

Please discuss this with our Head Instructor before joining. Situations like this will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

After my child joins, would it be okay if I leave the dojo and return when practice ends?

Parents (or a legally designated guardian) must remain at the dojo with their child.